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The Premier Address For Virginia Beach Real Estate

At Pyle Realty, we understand that selling your home may be one of the most important financial decisions you will make. We also recognize that choosing the right real estate firm that best suits your needs is an equally important decision. With more than 30 years of experience, Pyle Realty is considered one of the most trusted professional real estate companies in Hampton Roads - fully committed to ensuring that the sale of your home is seamless every step of the way. With our extensive knowledge of the Hampton Roads real estate industry and our high standard of personalized service, excellent communications and leading-edge technology, we have the resources and skills to establish the right sales price, professionally market your home, qualify buyers, and strategically negotiate and finalize the sale of your home.

The Pyle Advantage

When listing your home for sale, you want to feel a sense of confidence and trust that the real estate company and agent representing you and your property will ensure that your objectives are met in a timely manner. At Pyle Realty, we offer homeowners a considerable advantage through our comprehensive menu of valuable, integrated services designed to effectively sell your home. We have the capability to be proactive in every real estate transaction and the ability to see each to a successful conclusion.

Sales Listing Action Plan

As your sales agent, our promise is to provide you - the homeowner - with the assurance that our 30 years of real estate knowledge, residential sales experience, and proactive marketing approach will be maximized to successfully market and facilitate the sale of your home. Our pledge includes:

Full Representation

As your representative agent, Pyle Realty is 100% dedicated to ensuring that your best interests are met throughout the entire sales process.

Effective Sales Strategy

Using computerized comparable sales data, we will calculate the fair market value of your property, review pricing trends, help you to determine the most favorable sales price, and execute an effective negotiating strategy.

Successful Negotiation

Our well-developed strong negotiation skills and our deep understanding of the current market allow us to negotiate the best price for your home for the most successful real estate transaction.

When listing your home for sale, Pyle Realty will design a personalized strategic action plan for your property. Our objectives are to:

  1. Assist you in accomplishing your goals and objectives and procure a sale of your property at the best possible price within the best time frame for you.
  2. Provide maximum exposure and secure as many qualified buyers as possible to tour your home until sold.
  3. Consistently communicate the results of our activities to you.
  4. Update you on any new market activity that may affect your property value.

Marketing Plan For Your Home

You won’t find any cookie-cutter marketing plans at Pyle Realty. Instead, we will develop a customized plan to sell your home that is specific to your home’s amenities, geographic area, prospective target audiences, and price point. Our marketing activities include but are not limited to:

Property Listing

To accurately and effectively showcase your property, we will conduct a thorough study and listing report on your home, use high quality photography as well as an engaging description of your home and neighborhood.

REIN Exposure

Your home data will be immediately posted in the REIN (formerly MLS) computer system for the quickest exposure to approximately 5,900 REIN members in Hampton Roads. This will allow up-to-the-minute access to information about your home to all internet users and all real estate agents in Hampton Roads.

Visual Home Tours

A 360° virtual tour of your home can be produced to allow potential home buyers to experience the interior and exterior of your property in the comfort of their own home.

Pyle Realty Website

To increase exposure of your property, your home listing will be featured on Pyle Realty’s professionally designed website, which generates approximately 1,000 unique visitors a month and is programmed to capture all leads from prospective buyers as they browse home listings throughout Hampton Roads.

Social Media

With approximately 90% of home buyers using the internet to search for homes, your REIN listing will feed into the top online realty sites including, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, and, giving your home maximum internet exposure.


A tailored advertising plan for your home is essential to garner effective reach and frequency among your prospective buyers and may include print ads, online ads, or direct mail.

Home Brochure

A professional brochure/flyer highlighting the features and benefits of your home will be designed and distributed to prospective buyers.

Broker Tours/Open Houses

As mutually agreed, broker tours and open houses will be conducted to increase traffic.

24/7 Service

To capture every prospective buyer, our top quality facilities allow us to answer all inquiries 24/7.

Weekly Communication

We will correspond with you weekly to share showing feedback, advise you of information about individual prospects, and/or changes in market conditions.

Presentation of Offers

We will present and negotiate all offers promptly to obtain the highest possible sales price for your property. Every effort will be made to determine the qualification and motivation of the prospective purchasers.

Loan Application

You will be consistently advised and updated on the purchaser’s loan application status.

Homeowners’ Assistance

As your agent, we will assist at no extra fee the coordination of having any repair, replacement, and/or maintenance items completed with quality, licensed and insured contractors. We will also work closely with appraisers, loan companies, termite/moisture companies, and home inspectors to eliminate the potential obstacles that these trades can present.

The Home Advantage is in Virginia Beach

When selling your home, it’s wise to take every advantage possible to differentiate your home from other property listings. Most homeowners associate their home with years of memories and emotions, but when it’s time to sell, it’s important to focus on implementing a variety of strategies that will make your property shine to prospective buyers.

Buyers’ Eyes

Within 15 seconds, a buyer will develop an opinion of your property. This is why we will help you look at your house through “buyers’ eyes” and develop a specifically tailored home enhancement plan that can make a dramatic difference in how quickly your home sells at the best price you can obtain. Remember: You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Home Enhancement Checklist


•   Keep grass mowed, shrubs trimmed

•   Pick up lawn tools, toys and newspapers; sweep front walkway

•   Clean up after pets


•   Pick up toys and shoes; make up beds and put clothes away

•   Prepare tables with flowers and place settings; keep flat surfaces free of clutter

•   Turn off television; play soft background music

•   Tidy up bathrooms; set out show towels

•   Open drapes and shades, and turn on lights to make your house look bright and cheerful

•   Quick dust furniture and vacuum carpets, straighten rugs, empty trash

•   Keep pets out of the way; make sure all pets areas are clean and free of odor